Fallen Star

session one
the adventure begins

Our adventure begins Bandraal Vandrake, Allister Vandrake, Fin Fleetfingers, and Bronwyn Sabine At the local tavern listen to all the rumors and adventures surrounding this strange event, A little while back the what can only be described as a star, fell out of the sky and crashed landed not too far from this settlement. The crash site destroyed most of the surrounding lands leaving it an ashy waste land. Of course this has brought in a lot of attention curiosity from all around including our group of adventures here whom have gotten to know each other and have decided that they too were going to go and see for themselves what this star all about is.
Fin starts things off by ease dropping on a recently returned group of adventures that talk about Orland shop keep, that went form book salesman to “adventure gear” salesman seems to be making a lot of money and possibly buying up whatever he can that comes out of the Ash. The party decides to start there and go and give Orland a visit.
Their investigation starts mainly by fins illegal entry and discovery of a strange vault with the sound of what he called sad cicada’s emanating. He makes his way back to the group and informs them of his discovery. The party spearheaded by Bandraal who cannot condone the possibility of a live sentient creature being trapped and sold decided that he needs to be confronted, They speaking with Dellik, one of the three brothers whom has been hired on as extra security and they convinced him to let Bronwyn go upstairs and work her magic to investigate the room while the rest of the party stay with the other two brothers Farn and Evert. Of course all this is minus Fin who has already gone head and hidden himself away in the room with the strange vault.
After some smooth talking and a few smooth moves Bronwyn was able to get a key that was attached to a strange amulet from around the Orland neck. Orland who has been passed out drunken stupor on his bed thought he was having pleasant dreams with Bronwyn the love of his life. When they open the vault they find that it contains many bird cages “wired” together. In these cages where these living creatures of fire.

And this is where we leave this week’s adventure

Session Two
Fiery Friends and foes

Meanwhile Obelis is on the trail of these creatures when he has a sudden spike in his nature sense, something is different not natural to our world. With renews haste he changes into a bird and head straight to the store that party is investigating. He makes his way there and quietly enters the room in bird form though an open windows. Bandraal and Allister decide thing are taking too long and go upstairs.
Things suddenly go bad when Orland wakes and upon seeing a room full of people and the open vault panics, throws an amulet that was around his neck to the ground. Bandraal senses the evil in it when a shadow starts forming into a tall lanky humanoid shape. Allister instinctively grabs a cage and holds up the creature causing it shrieks back. Bandraal grabs at it and activates his holy Palidin powers. The creatures responds by entering his mouth. Behind them Orland reaches for a stiletto he had hidden in the door. Fin reacts and throws a dagger, unfortunately poor Dellik gets in the way and takes the dagger into the back of the neck. Obelis transform back into human form charges at Orland but stumbles on the blood pouring out of Dellik.
Allister takes a swing at Orland and kills him. Fin closes and locks the door, Bandraal seeks information from the fire creatures, but does not seem to get an answer and drops down and prays. While everyone is trying to figure out what’s going on in the room the door breaks. Bandraal regains his senses uses his authority and scares the surviving brothers away.
The party frees the creatures, Fin takes off and takes watch, and the creatures preform a dance to help remove the essence in Allister. The shadow retakes from and goes after Bronwyn. The fire fey attack, Allister attacks, Bandraal attacks, Obelis changes to a caribou and attacks.
The shadow retreats back into the amulet. While Bandraal attempts to mount the caribou. Fin becomes the voice of reason to get everyone out, before leaving some of us loot the store (Fin snagging some strange gold thread) while Bronwyn distracts the paladin and they speak with the fiery creatures whom relay their story. They lived in the star that crashed and were seeking refuge when they were captured and caged, and sold. The Shadow is also a part of the star and an enemy of the fire fairies. The party makes a deal with the fire creatures. One of them will act as our guide we in turn will help them find a safe home. In the end it was a simple matter of relaying them the location of an active volcano.
We introduce ourselves to Obelis and Ember Our new guide and leads the way. Ember turns out be very helpful as he points out the new dangers in the land but there good fortune does not last shortly in our travels we run into a unidentified creature. Three worm like creatures attack, Allister takes one out with the help of Bronwyn inspiration. Fin mortally stabs a worm that has latches onto Obelis bear face. The third one drags Bandraal down into the ground Allister get dragged down with them when trying to grab his brother. After Obelis gets the worm off his face he managed to dig Allister out. Bandraal in the meantime gets dropped in a lava tube with the worm. On the way down his halberd get broken, and he forced to defeats the worm with the make shift battle ax. Bronwyn take a leap of faith ties a rope to herself and jumps in after him. Fin stand at the ready while Obelis and Allister work the rope. Suddenly another worm jumps out and Fin throws a dagger into it. Allister finishes it off with a might swing of his sword. Bronwyn finds Bandraal and gets pulled up. The party weary from all the fighting and the days travel decide to make camp. Bandraal makes a warm bed with the fiery corps of the worms for Ember.
On are next day travel we discussed if we should go underground or not. To the paladin and fighter protest we start overland, eventually coming across this hill with these glowing aura on it. We send Ember to investigate and he reports back that these fire snake humanoid hybrids are preparing for us. While we were trying to figure out what they are what to do, we were ambushed from behind by a small party of this creatures. We decided we have no choice but to take to the tunnels. Allister and Bandraal hold the ground while the rest of the team retreat underground. When everyone is safely gone they fight their way underground but end up take on of the snakemen with them. After a short but hard hitting battle we defeat this monster but pretty much everyone suffering from injury.

To be continued ….

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