Fin Fleetfingers

The young halfling on his own trying to find is way and doing what it takes to survive


neutral Halfling Thief

STR 11 DEX 16 CON 13
INT 11 WIS 9 CHA 8

HAIR brown Height 2ft 10 in
EYES green Weight 28 lbs

Wears Leather Armor, with a brace of throwing knives across his chest
favors duel wielding the rapier and kukri in melee combat


Fin Fleetfingers
Born in the helmet Peaceful Pines, a tiny settlement comprised of mainly Halfling about a week’s travel from any settlement of any size. When he has a child of nine, the hamlet was raided by a group of orcs the killed anyone that the fond. At the first signs of trouble Fin’s parents Fayree and Falzu hid him in a barrel in a root cellar. There Fin hid for 2 days until he could no longer hear any signs of trouble. His first test in a set of skills that would define the rest of his life. When he finally emerged from the cellar he confronted with total devastation. Most of the building where burned or knocked over. Everyone in town was dead their bodies torn apart or thrown in the burning building. The orcs seemed to have very little interest in supplies or riches just destruction, So Fin took a look around found plenty of supplies including a brace of knives once owned by his father and took off to the largest town he knew. One of his favorite past times with his father was knife throwing. And like most Halfling or even better than most he was a natural another skill that was instrumental in his survival in the next couple of week. Unfortunately Finn never really left the Hamlet and quickly got lost, he spent the next few weeks hiding from trouble and killing small game with the knives. He found that we was quite good at sneaking up on his pray and making them an easy target with the knives.
After about 3 weeks of surviving on his own he finally made it to the City of Riverport. He had very little left for supplies and even less to trade with so he snuck into the city and started his next phase of survival and life lessons. For the first few months he got by sneaking in to unlocked houses or business taking only what he needed for food or other supplies. He was getting so good at it that sometimes he would spend days in the house sleeping in a warm empty bed the owners never the wiser. He never felt good doing this but with the death of everyone he knows he trusted no one and did not feel he could turn to anyone for help. He justified his actions buy only taking from the people whom seem to live in excess have more food than they could eat or more clothes that they could possibly wear.
Eventually he stepped into the wrong house. Like all the other houses he broke into before it was unlocked and ready for the taking, or at least it seemed. But this particular house belonged to the local tinkerer/inventor. Unlike all the previous houses this house had a few surprises, he did not make it 10 in the house before he triggered a trap and was scooped up by the carpet he was walking on and hoisted into the air. Fin was caught, a few moments later he found himself prisoner to Tannor Copperpot or Tinking Tannor as he is known around town.
Tannor help Fin in a locked room for days trying to decide what to do with him. He was too young to turn over to the local guards, and too young to be left out on his own. Tannor was getting up in age and he was getting too old to do some of the heavy lifting sometimes required by his job. So he offered Fin an ultimatum, work for him or get turned into the guard. Fin spent the next Three years working in the shop learning everything he could imaging about locks and machinery. Although this life was much better than sneaking around on the streets it was not without its problems. Tannor made decent money for himself but he was started his businesses borrowing money from a particularly nasty loan shark only known as Mr Gold who loved to raise the terms of the loan when it suited him. One month business was bad and Tannor found that he did not have enough money to make his next payment. This did not sit well with Mr Gold and he sent out his collectors to go and get it. When they confronted Tannor they latterly scared him to death. Tannor being up in age his heart could not take the strain of all the harassing and bulling the collectors gave him and he died of a heart attack.
Mr Gold had everything he needed in writing to take everything that Tannor once had and seeing that he died of a heart attack there was nothing legally that could be done about his death. So Fin was out on the streets once more. Fin was angry again everything was taken away from him but this time he was going to do something about it. One night he broke into Mr Golds house, stole his family rapier, A strange looking bent dagger he later discover was called a Kuri, as much jewelry gold and fine goods that he could carry. Then on his way he knocked over an oil lamp and left the building, As it was burning to the ground he booked passage on the next ship out of the city and was gone.
He spent the next couple of years running with local gangs in this town and that but never felt right with them. Never likes hurting the innocent but he was good at his new found career so after a few years of this he started to turn his focus to adventuring, There were plenty of ruins and dungeons that were waiting for someone like him to take what was hidden. And that brings up to where we are now.

Fin Fleetfingers

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